trying my hand

hello all, finally trying my hand at blogging! i’ve always admired the freedom and creativity of fellow bloggers. recently, a post by Danielle on Sometimes Sweet really inspired me to finally try this out. i’ve always kept diaries and tried to jot down my thoughts but where better to put my thoughts than the internet! (where i probably spend far too much of my time anyways!)

life is especially good right now. my classes are enjoyable even though my thoughts about school are turning stale. the longer i’m in college the more i wonder how much good it will really do me. they say a college degree is now what a highschool diploma used to be. that’s depressing for as much work as i feel like i put into my grades. i know i can’t just walk away though, i’ll be the first girl in my family to have earned a college degree. that’s motivating, but at the same time other things seem so much more appealing. i would love to start a little re-thrift business online where i thrift things and then resell altered to each customer’s preference. it would be a lot of work, but i’d be doing something i love.

it’s funny…i’m a person who struggles to let things be and be content with things a little off kilter and it drives me nuts to not be able to control a lot of things…the boyfriend has helped me cope with a lot of that and he’s also helped me understand that the future will be what it will be and to just roll with the punches and to be honest, that’s an even more comforting feeling than making sure everything is perfect

cheers to the future and what surprises it holds for all of us!